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RubberBond FleeceBack Training Videos

We have a range of RubberBond videos, from installation videos covering the most common details that occur with flat roof installations, to quality test carried out on RubberBond FleeceBack membrane.
While our installation videos do not replace the dedicated training given to each and every approved RubberBond installer, they do provide a good introduction to installing RubberBond membrane and make a good reference for the most common flat roof details.
Our videos cannot cover every feature RubberBond FleeceBack but they provide a good introduction to the system. If you require further information, or to find your local RubberBond installer contact us.
Click a video below to launch and keep an eye out for future additions.

RubberBond Installation Videos

Pipe Wrap Installation

Installation of RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM around a vertical pipe using a pipe wrap.

Angled Wall Drain Installation

Installation of an Angled Wall Drain.

Pipe Box Pocket

Installation of a Pipe Box Pocket using one part pourable sealer.

68mm Anti Back Up Drain Installation

Installation of an Anti Back Up Drain for attachment to a 68mm drain pipe.

Top Drain Installation

Installation of a Top Drain through a RubberBond FleeceBack membrane.

Upstand Corner Installation

Completing an Upstand Corner using RubberBond FleeceBack.

Laying RubberBond FleeceBack

Laying RubberBond FleeceBack to the deck of a new extension.

RubberBond Adhesives

RubberBond Sprayable Decking Adhesive

Spray-on Polyurethane Adhesive, 25% of the time with a quicker cure than roll on adhesive.

Instastick Insulation Adhesive

Application of Insta-Stik Insulation adhesive onto a adhered vapour control layer.

SPB Adhesive

RubberBond SPB Adhesive being used on a flat roof with FleeceBack EPDM.

HP-250 and Factory Applied Tape

Application of Factory Applied Tape with HP-250 Primer.

RubberBond to Felt Flat Roof

Joining RubberBond EPDM to a felt roof using a hot bitumen join.

Adhering RubberBond using SPB

Adhering RubberBond to upstand using SPB.

Applying Adhesive to Roof Perimeter

Applying adhesive to the perimeter of a flat roof installation.

RubberBond PS Flashing with HP-250

Applying RubberBond PS flashing using HP-250 primer.

Factory Applied Tape

Factory applied tape at work on a RubberBond flat roof installation.

Pressure Sensitive Tape

How to apply PS tape to a mansard detail.

Pressure Sensitive Under Tiled Roof

Application of Pressure Sensitive Tape to flat roof under tiled roof termination.

Cutting Membrane at Corner Detail

How cut membrane to complete a corner detail with RubberBond FleeceBack

RubberBond Testing Videos

RubberBond vs Felt

Demonstration of the incredible strength of RubberBond FleeceBack reinforced membrane.

RubberBond Puncture Test

RubberBond vs Felt puncture resistance demonstration.