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The ideal membrane for any flat roofing project, RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM is the perfect choice when the highest level of protection, appearance and maintenance free long life – span is required.

Our gallery shows youf different projects using the membrane, ranging from large commercial buildings to smaller domestic roofs and maintenance projects. It is this flexibility over such a range of flat roof build ups and design features that makes it the perfect membrane in any situation.

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Whatever your flat roofing requirement, you can be confident that a RubberBond FleeceBack installation will give you a flat roofing solution that not only looks good, but is proven to last over 50 years.


We are here to keep you and your business watertight... RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM creates a rooftop that can withstand the most demanding and extreme conditions irrelevant of roof size or complexity.


The exceptional strength, ageing resistance and waterproofing qualities of EPDM, with the added tough, reinforcing, fleece backing providing you, the contractor, with an outstanding, unmatched flat roofing system.


RubberBond offers a number of innovative products increasing roof system sustainability. One of the many unique attributes to RubberBond FleeceBack is its ability to handle future roof alterations, unparalleled in the roofing industry.

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