Specialist Registered Installer Scheme

Want To Become A Specialist Registered Installer?

As an advanced, high quality product, it is important that a correct installation is carried out to achieve the full benefits of the roofing system. This is why our network of approved installers have all received individual RubberBond FleeceBack training at our  training centres and on – site. They are then continually assessed and provided with on – going technical and product support.

Supporting our contractors
This philosophy of making training and support a part of our products adds an extra level of quality to any finished RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM roof installation and an extra level of service to our contractors.

Our technical support is provided by a team of flat roofing experts who have experience across the full spectrum of roofing installations. In order to maintain the high quality installation levels associated with RubberBond FleeceBack our technical support is provided for the full lifecycle of an installation.

• Attendance at pre – start meetings
• Comprehensive installation inspection visits
• A final inspection of the work to ensure that the highest level of workmanship has been achieved before a guarantee is issued
• British Board of Agrément approved
• Range of warranties available
• 20 year guarantee
• Proven to last for over 50 years
• Full training in the installation of RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM

• Fastest, most reliable and best looking system to install
• Clean & safe to install
• No shrinkage or creases – unlike standard EPDM membranes
• Stronger adhesion to all surfaces with the fleece backing
• 180% greater tear and 60% greater puncture resistance than 1.52mm EPDM
• Better coverage of existing surface unlike thinner EPDM membranes
• Factory-Applied Tape(FAT™): 75% faster, 30% stronger than traditional EPDM seams
• No installation of peel stops or base tie-ins necessary
• No flame, heat or welding during installation

• Superior strength of the 2.6mm thick RubberBond FleeceBack offers 80% greater puncture and 180% greater tear resistance than standard 1.14mm EPDM
• Only available to approved contractors, not to the DIY sector
• Adheres to almost all substrates, ideal for overlayment of existing surface, complete renewal or new build projects
• Will not tear, split or crack and doesn’t become brittle or degrade with age
• Low odour and noise – great for re-roofing occupied buildings
• No requirement for Base Tie in or Peel Stop
• Easily seamed to other materials & roofing systems
• Able to be easily fitted at any time of year
• 67% fewer seams than modified bitumen roofs

Continual development
At Flex-R we believe that our products are the best available anywhere on the market but we don’t let this stop us trying to continually improve what we offer.

From adhesives and primers to drainage accessories and installation tools we are continually looking to expand and improve our product range to ensure the end building owner receives a flat roof that exceeds any other available.

We also continually review and update our installation guidelines to include any new practices and innovations that make an installation easier to complete and of a higher finished standard.