Pressure Sensitive Accessories

Flex-R recommends the use of Pressure Sensitive accessories due to their increased reliability, speed of installation and reduction of materials required to complete details. RubberBond PS products simplify all EPDM installations by using market leading seam tapes, overlayment tapes, flashing tapes, flashing tapes and PS accessories as an integral part of the RubberBond EPDM roofing system.

76mm PS Seam Tape

For use with RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM standard roll (non (FAT™) SecurTAPE is used in conjunction with HP-250 Primer to fuse EPDM membranes together in the field for long term splice strength.

152mm Cover Strip

A non mouldable tape used for butt jointing membranes, seaming of metal edging and other seaming detail, or simply for making repairs to cut or damaged membrane. Used in conjunction with HP-250 Primer.

228mm Uncured PS Tape

The un-cured EPDM tape is mouldable and adaptable to irregular surfaces capable of sealing internal and external corners, pipes, cover patches and other flat roof details. This product must be used in conjunction with HP-250 Primer.

EPDM Pipe Seal

Pre-fabricated pipe seals are cured EPDM pipe seals with a Pressure-Sensitive (PS) tape applied to the bottom of the pipe flange. Ideal for quick and easy flashing of pipes from 12mm up to 150mm in diameter. Must be used in conjunction with HP-250 Primer.

PS Moulded Walkway Pads

Designed to protect the membrane in areas exposed to repetitive foot traffic. Adhered to the membrane with three strips of pre-applied Seam Tape used in conjunction with HP-250 Primer.