RubberBond Accessories

We have a full range of accessories that make the system compatible with any flat roofing project. Fixings, drains, supports and trims, all selected to work perfectly with RubberBond FleeceBack and meeting our high quality standards.

Angled Roof Drain

Allows for drainage through parapet walls and pitched roof. The Angled Roof Drain can also be used for drainage out of a box gutter. 1m extension pipes, 90° shoes and leaf/gravel guards are optional extras.

Anti Back Up Drain

This universal drain connects the roof system to a 68mm rainwater pipe and eliminates water backup.

Top Drain

For connection to 110mm outlet drains using a bell and spigot join. Ideal for use with low sloping roofs, roof gardens, inverted roofs and box gutters.

Plastisol Steel Trims and Termination Bar

100mm deep wall trims and 75mm-175mm deep perimeter trims. Each trim is 3m long offering an economical method of finishing the roof perimeter. Termination bars are used to create a compression seal to upstands where cutting a chase isn’t possible.

Paving Support Discs

Used for installing paving slabs or decking on top of RubberBond FleeceBack flat roof systems. Designed to lift the roof terrace system 15mm above the surface allowing for a clear flow of water.

RubberBond RB Fasteners and Insulation Fixings

RB fasteners are for the fixing of metal perimeter trims and securing gutter edge details. The insulation fixings incorporate a PVC tube fastener secured with a steel fixing screw.