Famous Rooftop Scenes in Film & TV

We may not realise it whilst we’re watching, but the setting for pivotal moments in any film can often be just as important for the effect of a scene as the performance of the actors within it – it can perfectly compliment and even enhance the impact of the story being told to the audience.

What would The Last Crusade be like without the Temples of Petra? Ocean’s Eleven without The Bellagio? Shaun of the Dead without The Winchester?

This got us thinking about just how many famous scenes in film & TV have taken place on rooftops, given that we have a vested interest in that area, and we found some great results!

In this infographic we take you from the epic roof explosion in Die Hard, to Alan’s ‘Wolf Pack’ speech in The Hangover, to the infamous climax of King Kong at the top of the Empire State Building, in our ‘Famous Rooftop Scenes in Film & TV’.

We hope you don’t suffer from Vertigo!

Famous Rooftop Scenes in Film & TV

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