What is Elastoform?

Feb 26, 2020 in News
What is Elastoform?

Rubberbond’s pressure-sensitive Elastoform flashing tape is an adhesive that’s designed to simplify your next EPDM membrane project. This makes it the perfect resource for anyone working with flat roofs who wants to complete either installation or maintenance tasks more efficiently and to a higher quality.
In brief, the Elastoform flashing tape is a nominal 0.76 mm thick, fully cured pressure-sensitive adhesive. This means that, when it’s applied to EPDM membrane, the tape helps to make the material easily malleable and highly adaptable to irregular shapes and surfaces.

What are the main uses of Elastoform?

This adhesive can be utilised as an effective solution for a variety of flat roof applications. Some of the most common intended uses include the flashing and waterproofing of the following:

  • Irregular pipes
  • Membrane deteriorations or penetrations 
  • Miscellaneous flat roof details such as corners and outlets

Additional Features & Benefits of Elastoform

Elastoform flashing tape is available in 228mm x 15.25m (9″ x 50′) sizing. This makes it extremely practical for fixing a variety of loose EPDM edges on a range of flat roofs. In addition, the self-curing membrane is highly adaptable to the changing roof designs and structures, meaning it retains a long lifecycle after installation regardless of what feature it’s fitted to. 

But perhaps most significantly, the rate at which pressure-sensitive Elastoform accelerates flat roof projects and various repair jobs reduce the labour required by developers. In turn, this helps to reduce long-term building costs for roofing companies and can lead to notable savings when using the adhesive for field applications. 

Essentially, Elastoform is a vital material for any flat roofing project that utilises the EPDM membrane. For more information on how to correctly applying the tape, as well as greater details on its specifications, you can see the product data Here. For any further advice, feel free to Contact RubberBond.