The Most Popular Tourist Hotspots Ranked

May 24, 2018 in Infographic
The Most Popular Tourist Hotspots Ranked

Measured by the number of overnight visitors, the recently released Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index revealed the most visited tourist hotspots of 2017. But which city is the easiest for tourists to explore? We ranked the top 5 most visited cities of 2017.

Our Ranking System:

Walking Promotion
Walkable streets and neighbourhoods are the foundation of every great city. We consider the quality of each city’s walkways and the number of footpaths that feature amenities such as shade, benches and street lighting.

Bicycle Networks
Prioritising bicycle networks by making them safe and convenient will encourage more tourists to cycle, leading to decreased road congestion and a lower carbon footprint.

Dense Networks of Infrastructure
Case studies have shown that a dense network of narrow streets and paths optimises traffic flow and safety for pedestrians. Streets that allow for one-way motor travel significantly reduce congestion by minimising traffic signal delays.

High-Quality Public Transport
Public transport links are an integral part of most tourists’ trip to a major city. Cities can boost the overall success of their transport by providing frequent, fast and direct services in easily accessible locations.

Mixed-use Neighbourhoods
Lively streets with a mix of shops and services near homes and jobs gives the area a charm and identity. The efficiency of compact neighbourhoods enables commuters easy access to all manner of amenities.

Alternative Regions with Short Commutes
Cities close or adjacent to alternative townships allow easy access to varied surroundings which would otherwise be inconvenient to commute to.

Parking and Road Use Regulation
The level in which road regulations helps to avoid gridlock, which requires limiting the use of vehicles to levels that the road network can support. The availability of parking allows visitors to see different parts of the city conveniently.