The Sealants & Adhesives your Flat Roof needs

Jan 17, 2020 in News
The Sealants & Adhesives your Flat Roof needs

For any flat roofing project, adhesive and sealant products are an important part of ensuring a successful installation. They are also a vital aspect of maintaining and repairing EPDM material, thus your flat roofing solution will require some of these products over its decades-long lifecycle. Here’s a quick summary of the items your flat roof may need during installation and for general maintenance work.


The types of adhesives offered in the RubberBond range are as follows:

  • PU Deck: A high-performance adhesive used for bonding RubberBond FleeceBack with a range of substrates including plywood, steel, and OSB concrete
  • Bonding: Easy to spread with a roller, this product is suitable for bonding EPDM at angle changes
  • SPB: A spray-applied and high-strength alternative for bonding EPDM to most substrates
  • Insulation: Designed for adhering rigid insulation boards to flat roofs
  • WBA Decking: A high-strength, water-based adhesive that enables rapid bonding for RubberBond FleeceBack materials to substrates


As important a resource as adhesive products, the sealants RubberBond recommends include:

  • One Part Pourable: Provides a durable seal around penetrations and roofing details
  • Two Part Pourable: Does the same as the above but this sealant can also be used as a permanent tie-in between EPDM and a built-up roof surface
  • LAP: Features a cured rubber consistency, enabling reactions to the behaviour of EPDM membrane

Other Important Extras

Outside of adhesives and sealants, there are other essential products for the installation and maintenance of flat roofs. One such item is RubberBond HP-250 Primer. This is necessary to prevent the development of rust and to act as a one-step cleaner. Speaking of which, Weathered Membrane Cleaner is highly effective in the upkeep of in-service EPDM membrane. And lastly, Water Cut Off Mastic is useful for creating a pressure termination on flat roofing systems.

For more information on all of the above products, check out our RubberBond Adhesives & Sealants section. Alternatively, you can get advice or a FREE survey and quote for EPDM roofing through our Enquiry Page.