The Future Is Green, The Future Is Prefabricated

Dec 5, 2016 in Uncategorised

When many people in Britain think of prefabricated homes, they think of the ones built to ease the post second world war housing shortage. Today, Britain finds itself in the middle of another housing crisis and will once again look at prefabricated housing to come to the rescue, with the UK Government set to make these homes a key plank of their plan to hit 2020 housing targets.

Prefabricated housing has moved on immeasurably since those early post war days. They are no longer considered boring, low quality blocks, instead they are innovative, flexible, beautiful and of course environmentally friendly.

As this new wave of prefabricated housing is set to hit the UK, here at RubberBond we thought it would be a good time to salute the architects and designers at the forefront of modular buildings.

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