SinglePly: SIG’s Flat Roofing System

Jan 10, 2020 in News
SinglePly: SIG’s Flat Roofing System

With single ply flat roofing solutions only getting more popular in the UK, it’s important to know what makes these systems worthwhile. If you’re looking for the highest-quality product that’ll offer you the most benefits over an extensive lifespan, then you need to consider SIG. Their ‘SinglePly’ brand, with its unique patented design, simply leaves the competition behind.

SinglePly Technology

This single ply system is made to withstand virtually any substrate and temperature variation. The technology used to create SIG’s SinglePly product is truly state-of-the-art. It adds exceptional strength, ageing resistance, and improved waterproofing characteristics to your flat roof. Moreover, the added toughness it provides to architects, roofing contractors, and building owners is outstanding. The quality and durability of the single ply material is unmatched, giving you a superior flat roofing system with an incredible long-term lifespan that requires very little maintenance.

Easy installation and guaranteed reliability

Through our approved contractors, installation is made effortless with as little disruption to your property as is possible. The SinglePly brand can be fitted to the vast majority of roofing surfaces, regardless of a building’s shape or size. Meanwhile, installation can be done all-year round, is odourless, and can be scheduled to your preferences and requires less time to complete than other products.

This latter point doesn’t mean, however, that your single ply flat roof won’t be built to last. With RubberBond contractors, you’re expected to get decades of use from our durable roofing materials. In addition, you enhance this guaranteed with the addition of SPRA membership, which offers a minimum 10-year protection. Essentially, SinglePly sets the benchmark for reliability in flat roofing!

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