Office Roof Refurbishment – RubberBond EPDM

Jul 20, 2017 in Case Studies, RubberBond

Roof Area: 1750m²
Building Use: Office Block
Location: Welwyn Garden City
Roof Type: Refurbishment
Approved Contractor: TSS Roofing Ltd

RubberBond FleeceBack  was originally invented as an overlay for an existing roof system. The enhanced security, protection and bond strength that the FleeceBack EPDM membrane gives, makes projects like this a lot more cost effective and durable than comparable roofing systems on the market.

As a re-roof of over 1,750m² of office block in Welwyn Garden City was required, TSS Roofing Ltd decided RubberBond FleeceBack was the right system to cope with the different surfaces and finishes required.

The existing roof surfaces consisted of ballasted asphalt, built up felt with gravel finish and mineral finish felt.

The upper level had the most of the roof complexities which were easily waterproofed with RubberBond 225mm Elastoform flashing tape to seal corners and junctions on the flat roof.

The middle level was a gravel finish felt roof that needed cleaned off with a roof scabbler to give a reasonably smooth surface to lay the RubberBond membrane to. The usage of deck adhesive was higher than normal due to the rougher surface but the cost saving of not having to overlay with a recovery board soon made the extra adhesive usage insignificant. This picture shows the roof with some membrane installed and some of the original waterproofing still visible.

The lower flat roof area had an asphalt waterproof surface with a loose pebble finish and a paved area. This roof was carried out in stages so the pebble finish was moved around the roof as a more economic option than removal and replaced back onto the RubberBond membrane once each area was completed.

The slabs were also re-laid afterwards for a fire escape route across the flat roof. Again the below picture shows the roof with the existing ballast finish, a prepared clean area and a section that has already had RubberBond installed.

TSS Roofing Ltd. has been an approved contractor of RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM for over 3 years. This Surrey based company have built up a reputation for high levels of professionalism & reliability and as a result the majority of our business comes from previous satisfied customers and recommendations.

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