Nobu Hotel case study

Mar 25, 2019 in Case Studies
Nobu Hotel case study

Project at a glance

Project name: Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch, London

Project type: New development

Roofing contractor: G.S. Moore Roofing Contractors Ltd.

Flex-R System: RubberBond® FleeceBack™


The project

Nobu Hotel is a new development in Shoreditch, East London, and was opened by Hollywood legend Robert De Niro and Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa in May 2018.

The design of the five-storey building – which has 150 hotel rooms and suites – is a nod to the area’s industrial past with a ‘frayed edge’ look of stepped balconies formed with glass fibre, reinforced concrete and cantilevered steel beams. The design has also been likened to that of a cruise ship and received much critical acclaim.

The roofing system covered 1500 sq. m, which included a green roof area and tiered balconies.

Why RubberBond FleeceBack?

Flex-R worked closely with the main contractor on the specification for a robust roofing system and insulated build-up, capable of withstanding the installation of a significant amount of plant. It was of vital importance that the system should not be easily damaged either during the installation of the plant, or over the coming years when servicing of it was required.

RubberBond FleeceBack was the obvious choice and the building contractor was impressed by its proven track record, its resistance to puncture and the speed at which the roof would be able to be made watertight,

They were also impressed with the support Flex-R provided to the Specialist Registered Installers for this project.

The roofing installation

The concrete structural deck provided a sound foundation and a fully adhered build-up from the Air & Vapour Control Layer (AVCL) through to the RubberBond FleeceBack waterproofing. RubberBond’s ability to turn up parapets and upstands without the need for a base tie-in is largely unique within the single-ply sector.

The project-specified insulation board was developed to incorporate an OSB3 facer, permanently bonded to the board to provide a solid surface on which to adhere the waterproofing. This allowed Flex- R to specify that the insulation itself be bonded to the AVCL, avoiding mechanical fasteners yet still incorporating an OSB3 deck.

To complete the project, contractor G. S. Moore Roofing returned to the main roof to seal the penetrations created by the installation of the plant and maintenance walkways. The installation had created 94 separate penetrations that required waterproofing. These were largely undertaken using Flex-R’s Pourable Sealer, and Pocket system. This allows even awkward penetrations to be quickly and reliably sealed.


“Nobu Hotel has been a very good project for our business – not only because it’s a great project for our portfolio, but it’s also opened the door to other prestigious projects in London.

The support from Flex-R has been second to none. The Technical Department was fantastic as they liaised with the main contractor regarding the specification of the materials but also visiting the site. This was particularly useful as we’ve never come across so many points where the membrane has been penetrated.

We’re delighted that G.S. Moore Roofing Contractors Ltd and Flex-R worked in partnership to deliver a flagship project.”

Garry Moore, Business Development Manager, G.S. Moore Roofing Contractors Ltd.