London residents end up victors in tribunal over repair rights

Jul 27, 2013 in Uncategorised

A number of residents in Hackney have won the right to choose which companies carry out major works on their homes, according to

Initial plans from the council to get legal dispensation to enter into a ‘long-term contract with its own arms-length management organisation Hackney Homes Limited (HHL)’ came under fire from residents who wanted the freedom to choose their own repair firm.

As a result, the residents launched a legal battle to get a say on who did the work – a battle that saw the residents raise £4,800 to pay legal fees.

This raged on for eight months before the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal wrote to residents claiming their case was successful, adds

The ruling could impact other residents bound by a council ruling, as they could seek to build extensions to their home or arrange an appoint for flat roof repair with a company of their preference.

Commenting on the ruling, the tribunal’s chairman Andrew Dutton said: “We are not wholly convinced that this one-size fits all arrangement is in the leaseholders’ interest.

“It seems to us that on the evidence produced by the council those close ties between the council and HHL are wholly apparent and could justifiably give concern to leaseholders that they were not being dealt with on a proper arms-length basis,” he added.