How long did famous structures take to build?

Oct 26, 2014 in Uncategorised

When we travel we can’t help but take elements of our domestic daily lives with us. For those in the construction industry we constantly find ourselves asking ‘I wonder how long that took to build?’ This pragmatic viewpoint has been the subject of quite a few post-holiday discussions at Rubberbond. We wanted to explore this in greater depth and find a resolution to the debates we’d had over the years.

Many of the world’s most famous buildings were completed long after the original architect had died. The sheer scale of ambition meaning that the project had to span several life times. Our research encompassed a range of structures from grand displays of religious devotion, imperial might, and even a monument commissioned in memory of a deceased lover. The grief stricken widower just happened to be the emperor of the Mughal Empire, and the building he built in her honour was the Taj Mahal.

While we invest considerable money in building projects in modern times, we don’t invest the same amount of time that we used to. Building methods have advanced at such a rate that we can now construct something in a few years that sends ripples through the world, and whose design can become part of the landscape of modern civilization.

So what’s your favourite building on the list? What architectural style gives you goose pimples? Are there any structures that you wish had stayed on the architect’s drawing table?

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