Guttering for Flat Roof Systems

Dec 31, 2019 in News
Guttering for Flat Roof Systems

EPDM material offers an effective roofing solution mainly because of its excellent water-proofing abilities. However, to ensure your property has the correct drainage, you might need to fit guttering that’s suitable for flat roof systems. Here’s our advice if you’re considering this solution.

Does your roof have proper drainage?

This is of particular importance if you’re planning on fitting gutters to a pre-existing flat roof. When it was constructed, your roof should’ve been designed for rainwater to drain quickly without any build-up forming on the surface. Therefore, checking flat roof systems have the necessary drop that lets the rainwater drain off and into the guttering, and knowing in which direction this drop is going, is essential.

Guttering designs and materials for Flat Roof Systems

An effective drainage system can include gutters, downspouts, and scuppers to ensure consistent water flow. In addition, metal flashing can be appropriate if you have a steep roof fitted above your flat roofing system. Meanwhile, the materials you can utilise for gutting can range from galvanised steel, copper aluminium, or vinyl. The advantages each material offers, including how easy it is to install them, does vary. But all should be considered when creating a drainage system for your flat roof.


In brief, to correctly fit guttering to flat roof systems you’ll need to:

  1. Measure the roof and decide on where the downspouts will go
  2. Place each piece of your guttering together with overlaps of about 2 inches and drill six evenly spaced holes where these overlaps form
  3. Secure these with rivets and seal the underside of each gutter section with a caulk gun
  4. Cut the downspout outlet holes and line with gutter sealant for a waterproof fit

We recommend getting contractors for this process, especially when installing a whole flat roof system. But once this is installed, your flat roof guttering will only need the occasional check to ensure any weathering problems are kept to a minimum.

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