Government seeks ‘interim step’ approach for covering technical standards in housing

Sep 25, 2013 in Uncategorised

Plans for an one-size-fits-all document for technical standards in housing are to be shunned in favour of an ‘interim step’ approach, reports

Industry members say the government is complicating matters by providing a stepping stone on route to the Building Regulations, in which the new rules will sit.

The announcement will not be welcomed by the Challenge Panel, an independent taskforce of housing experts, who, according to, are campaigning for a culture of certainty in property building.

Its members are calling for the document to be enshrined with regulation in order to seek clarity on what they can and can’t do. The panel believes this can be done through the creation of a single technical document – Sustainable Housing Standards – to be included in the Building Regulations.

Talking last week, Housing Standards Review (HSR) member Paul Watson said his group would rather the government “just get on and do it” rather than trying to complicate matters with interim steps.

Aside from suppliers of materials such as rubber roofs, housing developers are said to be losing patience with the government and have highlighted the amount of changes that have already been undertaken before the new proposals were put forward.

Marc Vlessing, from developer Pocket, said he had grown tired of hearing about frequent changes to house building standards, calling for the government to “make the changes and that’s it for ten years.”