EPDM Membrane Roofing: The perks for businesses

Jan 24, 2020 in News
EPDM Membrane Roofing: The perks for businesses

The RubberBond range of EPDM Roofing solutions can protect your business from the most demanding and extreme of weather conditions. This means that, regardless of your property’s size or complexity, EPDM membrane is perfect for whatever roofing dilemma you may have. Here are some the main advantages of using a flat roof for your commercial building.

1. Quick & easy installation

The last thing you want when repairing an existing flat roof or installing a new system is disruption. This goes double for commercial developments and businesses, where delays can affect occupants, employees, and sales.

Thankfully, by choosing RubberBond for EPDM membrane roofing, fittings are made as simple and effortless as possible. No touches or asphalt is required, so installation is safer for your staff, and application of the material is sped up by the fact it needs fewer seams due to its strength. In addition, fitting with our contractors ensures noise is kept to a minimum, and any odours are contained, so your business can carry on uninterrupted.

2. Great for any property, in any industry

To maximise practicality and aesthetics for businesses, we’ve made our EPDM membrane applicable for a wide range of surfaces, for warm and cold roof designs, and for any type of commercial property. For new developments, RubberBond roofing is BBA approved and comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty. In office buildings and apartments, EPDM is low maintenance, prevents moss or plant growth, and is suitable for overlayment. Meanwhile for warehouses or storage facilities, whether it’s just for a small repair or to cover an entire building, EPDM roofing offers an excellent water-proofing solution.

3. A long lifecycle and excellent efficiency

EPDM membrane has an exceptional lifespan that requires very little maintenance. We provide a 20-year guarantee for some commercial properties, meaning that our flat roofing systems have the best life-cycle costs possible. Furthermore, EPDM Roofing offers excellent insulation, potentially helping to reduce heating costs for offices and business spaces. All of this means that you’ll see benefits for your business long after the flat roof has been installed, making it a great choice for any development!

For more extensive information on EPDM membrane and the installation process, you can check out our RubberBond Range or our Commercial Roofing section. Alternatively, get advice or a FREE survey and quote through our Enquiry Page.