Autumn/winter guide to roof maintenance

Nov 21, 2013 in Uncategorised

With the winter weather fast approaching, it is essential that homeowners ensure their roofs are watertight. Even the smallest of issues can develop into bigger problems given the repeated battering that buildings can receive during cold, wet conditions, so ensure your roof is in good condition before the great British weather ensues.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain your roof and ensure it protects you through to spring:

Purchase EPDM roofing membrane

If you’re serious about roof protection then make sure to invest in EPDM roofing membrane. This is a waterproof product which covers the roof deck for long-term weather resistance. The best membranes such as RubberBond FleeceBack will waterproof your flat roof for over 50 years.

If you are not going to install an EPDM roof now, the following precautions can be taken in the meantime.

Inspect your roof regularly

It is important that you regularly inspect your roof to make sure you are aware of any problems or developing issues early. A comprehensive roof inspection should therefore be carried out at least twice a year. Things to look out for include blocked gutters, broken shingles and decay. If you have trees surrounding your house then make sure any loose branches have not landed onto the roof as this could lead to damage in the long-term.

Keep gutters clean

Stagnant water can gather in blocked gutters, which can, over time, cause your roof to rot. Leaking can also occur if a build-up of water accumulates. To make sure gutters are working properly, ensure that they are correctly fastened to the roof and that all exits are open. If you’re not sure whether you have a leak or not, contact a professional, as many offer free inspections.

Install gutter covers

To decrease the likelihood of blockages in your gutters, it is recommended that gutter covers are installed. These will slow down or even prevent the build-up of debris. They also make sure any leaves and dirt are removed from the gutter. These covers are usually priced very reasonably but are very effective. These are a worthwhile investment that could prevent against future issues.

Be especially vigilant with flat roofs

Owners of properties with flat roofs need to be extra vigilant with their maintenance. No pitch or slope means leaves, debris and dirt are far more likely to accumulate. If you have a flat roof then you may want to check it regularly for any damage.

Trim surrounding trees

As mentioned previously, any fallen branches can cause damage to your roof and may cause blockages in your gutters. This is especially likely to happen in the autumn periods due to the fall of foliage. It is recommended that an expert is contact to carry out the trimming of surrounding flora, to make sure it is done safely and effectively.

Look out for animal damage

Animals can cause a vast amount of damage, so make sure you don’t have any critters nesting in your roof. For example, there may be droppings and chewed debris from the likes of birds and squirrels. Once any animals have been evicted, block any entrances to prevent any new residents!

As long as the tips above are followed, you should have a fully-maintained roof that is in full working order, no matter what the weather conditions have in store for us.