Academy Roof Replacement – RubberBond Fleeceback

Jul 19, 2017 in Case Studies, RubberBond
Academy Roof Replacement – RubberBond Fleeceback

Roof Area: 1,750m²
Building Use: School
Location: Coventry
Roof Type: Refurbishment
Approved Contractor: Complete Roofing

The roof area was split over different buildings to Woodlands Academy, Coventry. Each roof had a box gutter detail incorporated around the perimeter.

The existing felt surface was left in place to act as a Vapour Control Layer (VCL) and insulation was bonded to the surface with cold applied high foaming polyurethane adhesive.

The membrane was fully bonded to the glass tissue faced insulation board with RubberBond PU adhesives. The approved RubberBond contractor wanted a system that would allow the installation to be installed within the given time period of the school holidays.

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