A Beginner’s Guide to EPDM Roofing

Oct 15, 2019 in News
A Beginner’s Guide to EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing has long been one of the staples in flat roofing solutions for many home owners and businesses. They choose EPDM rubber due to its high-quality insulation and durability, which help make it a long-term, cost effective roofing option. However, if you have no experience with EPDM, or even flat roofing installation generally, then this quick guide might be of some use.

What is it?

The two notable ingredients of EPDM are ethylene and propylene, and these are sourced from natural gas and oil. The material is typically coloured either black or white and can be adjusted for various flat roofs depending on their shape and size. Once its seams are sealed, usually with liquid adhesives, the roofing system provides great protection as well as having excellent water-proofing properties.

The Installation Process

You might be surprised by how simple it is to fit EPDM roofing, as there are only 4 main steps! These are as follows:

  1. The roof needs to be cleaned thoroughly of all debris to prevent any lumps in your roof.
  2. The EPDM membrane is rolled out into the required position, and left for 20-30 minutes so that any folds or creases fall out.
  3. The EPDM rubber is trimmed to make the material easier to work with (this will usually be repeated at the end of the installation to ensure a perfect fit). 
  4. An adhesive is applied so that the roofing remains firmly attached.

Maintaining the EPDM Roofing

Given that rubber roofing systems have been highly durable and damage resistant for more than 50 years, maintaining EPDM products is almost effortless. All you’ll need to do is the occasional surface clean to prevent any premature damage (we recommend you do this around 3 times per year). Doing these cleans will also allow you to identify any other issues sooner, however rare these may be!


If the above maintenance is carried out as suggested, your roof should last decades. At RubberBond we offer a 20-year guarantee to give you peace of mind, but our products are designed to last years, even decades, longer. It’s why we pride ourselves in being a reputable flat-roof supplier with vast experience, whilst still offering affordable EPDM products.

For more information on EPDM rubber roofing, check out our RubberBond Range. Alternatively, if you’d like some advice or a FREE survey and quote, then feel free to Make An Enquiry.