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Experience & Expertise

The success of the range of Flex-R roofing systems manufactured by the trusted world leaders in waterproofing systems Carlisle Syntec™ is based on two clear principles: our high quality, durable products and experience.null

RubberBond ®FleeceBack Single Ply, exclusively distributed by Flex-R Ltd throughout the British Isles, is only available to, & installed by, trained independent Specialist Registerd Installers.

Experience – learning by doing- is invaluable and cannot be manufactured. Untested processes and unaccredited materials can lead to intended product deficiencies in the system. Make sure your EPDM system is manufactured and supplied by companies that have been around long enough to have learned and grown from past experiences.

Carlisle has led the industry in single-ply manufacturing, research development and innovation for 50 years. Flex-R has been the sole authorized distributor for the British Isles for over a decade.

Flex-R has two divisions which deal solely with specialist registered installers with the RubberBond FleeceBack brand and direct to trade merchants with a range of other EPDM systems tailored for individual markets sold via specification, through specialist contractors, distributors, merchants and to off-site manufacturer.

We ensure that not only are all our products fit for purpose, but we offer solutions that:
• Come with contractor training & accreditation
• Are backed by industry accreditations
• Meet the highest quality standards
• Have unrivalled performance

All Flex-R EPDM flat roofing systems have been awarded the British Board of Agrément certificates and hold the CE mark required for flexible roofing systems. The benefits for the distributor is the point of supply for many building products and this carries with it certain responsibilities.

Distributors should ensure that the products they supply are fit for purpose and meet regulatory requirements. This is easy to see in Agrément Certificates and the CE mark. This is especially important for products coming from overseas, that may have been manufactured with another market in mind. Some products with no UK source of production or limited technical back-up.

As a member of the RIBA NBS Plus service, we can provide the client with a NBS format specification for any project. Specifications are available to download in document format or from NBS Plus website.

Carlisle SynTec
Carlisle SynTec have been the world leaders in the manufacture of EPDM roofing systems and roofing membranes since their introduction over 50 years ago. With over 1.2 billion square meters of EPDM installed world – wide they can boast a far greater product coverage than any other manufacturer. This experience, coupled with constant innovation and investment has allowed them to perfect the manufacturing process required to produce the precision, high quality RubberBond FleeceBack membrane.

• Carlisle™ provides what no other single-ply manufacturer can – over 50 years of experience, credibility and reliability
• The world’s largest single ply flat roofing manufacturer
• Over 1 billion square metres of material installed with world wide usage
• Flex-R provides full training
• Technical expertise to its approved contracting network
• Flex-R provides comprehensive support for the specification and use of its products and systems